Life through the Lense.

Multidimensional Artist


Operation Spread Abundance

Who am I? A question that could take a lifetime to answer. This is a story that begins long before my time on this planet. Endless Cycles on repeat. Here is what I know so far. I was born from 2 souls, the 1st generation of rebellion. Born to break the molds of the bloodline. They united, bearing 5 successors. I am #3. I entered this world 🌎 on a spiritual mission. Art is my passion. Telling stories is my calling. I am an “Old Soul” with centuries of accumulated knowledge embedded in my DNA. Now it is time to share it with the world. Hello 👋. All. Welcome. Please, tell me, Who are you?

Kind Reminders
Peek Through
Head in the Clouds
Meditations in the Wind